The Importance of ‘Walking the Talk’ to Online Advertising Agents

SEO ManilaThere are a lot of company owners with real and unparalleled expertise in their fields that exist in the market today. Sharing a table with them at a business meeting at times can be daunting, sometimes communicating the precise meaning of an idea can be hard as well.

More often than not, they are somewhat dominating, never letting their guards down, as if declaring that one ordinary marketing agent can’t just overpower them with obscure and technical marketing words. It is not like asking how can you get pregnant

For every online marketing agent, dealing with such kind of clients is actually infuriating.

But to some, it is not much of a problem; there are even ways to counter such knotty encounters. The fact is the clients’ attitude should be only the marketing agent’s secondary priority and his attitude toward his client (and to his job) should be the first.

These clients are the type who would scrutinize an agent from root to tip, from looks to what’s inside the looks. They would judge an agent’s way of dressing, his fashion sense, and relate it to the words he picks when speaks. Even gestures and behavior matter a lot to them. But what’s most important to them is the agent’s credibility, his overall qualification and capability, if he’s walking the talk.

And yes, an agent should know that his service, the product the he is selling, is the most important thing to their clients. His looks may be a consideration for scrutiny but it’s just a tiny part of the entire thing. What they really want to know id if the service he is selling can answer their needs.

First off, be prepared. Don’t attend a business without anything at hand. Or more precisely, don’t get clients without anything to boast off, without a believable portfolio they can use as a yardstick of your abilities. An agent should have a personal SEO-friendly website, an established interactive social media presence, and a good online reputation.

It’s like walking the talk. He should show his client that his service has personally improved his own online service and business. The client should see the importance of having a well designed SEO-friendly website, a good social media interaction that results to good online reputation like proper usage of keywords in contents, following search engine algorithms religiously, etc.

Typically, these clients know nothing about Internet marketing and the terms that compose it. They may be expert in their fields, but they are no specialists of online advertising. So the agent’s another job is to deliver the technical stuff of online advertising in the most comprehensible and graspable way. He should remember how he got his first knowledge about his job as online marketing agent—or SEO Reseller—from his service provider.

In this way, he could easily wipe off the big wall of between them. Introducing the concept of online marketing and SEO to them using light ad simple words is a good start. Just act like a steward explaining how to use life jackets, how happier it would be to travel with a feeling of ease, of being safe.